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Terms and Conditions

Nothing great here..., Use our web app [ ] for normal day to day usage for creating SMS reminders to yourself, your friends and your customers. Don't use the service for spamming, illegal SMS, scams, or similar activities which may directly or indirectly associate with fraudulent or illegal activities.


This agreement ("Agreement") is between you ("user" or "Subscriber") of and ("we" or "Service" or "Company"). These terms apply to your use of and all the service it offers. By using the Service, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms & conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer

The Services

Through website, we, makes available to you a range of personal productive services together with access to (collectively, the "Services") which are subject to these terms. It′s important to understand that the service is a virtual place which offers its registered users to set reminders for themselves and their known people only. The service offered under is powered by 4uSofts Infomedia Pvt Ltd, is a web application which promotes 4uSofts Infomedia′s products and services.  4uSofts Infomedia have no obligation to observe, track, maintain and monitor the service and its user activity.

Use of the Services (for Individuals)

User agrees that, he/she is above the age of 18 as on the date of registration, the registration of user mobile number may be done by either user or some one who is using our service to send periodical reminders to the user. In this context, as an individual user, you have all the rights to continue your subscription, provided you comply with the terms and conditions.

User agrees that, whatever the information he/she is providing during the time of registration or in their profile page is accurate and legal. we collect personal information of our users to understand our user profile thus serve them better. We send your password to your registered mobile number thus we will assure that the user is attached with the mobile number. User understand that we log users IP address and set cookies to measure user activity.  If we found our registered user is not complying with any of our terms and conditions we have rights to terminate the account and take legal action if necessary.

As a company, we take all necessary steps to secure our user information. And we have implemented special algorithms to secure the access to our service. User agrees that, He/She will keep the login credentials at most secret as possible, so that it will not breach the security of our system.

User agrees that, the SMS from our service is absolutely free, but if it incurs any receiving charges by their mobile network operator, it must bare by themselves. We are not responsible for such incidents, as commonly in India receiving SMS is free on most of the major mobile networks.

User agrees that, any content shared on the website are all proprietary material of the company including but not limited to photos, images, event information, source codes, algorithms, common information to the users, public profiles and etc on the website. Members are advised to use the material in a legitimate way and not violating any moral code of conduct.

User understand and agrees that, the reminder SMS may contain a contextual advertisement which is the base to provide this free service. Users get free SMS reminder service in exchange for accepting to receive targeted ads appended to their actual reminder content. The advertisement could be in any format including but not limited to simple text, URL, Image, Sound, Video or any digital media content.

As a registered user you have the option of enabling and disabling your service vendors or friends and family members to set reminder SMS to you. Thus you have the facility to block or un-block people to send SMS to you from our website.

As a registered individual user, you shouldn′t send a message which falls under any of the category like vulgarity, racist, abuse, adult content, insulting, bulk marketing, campaign, promotional or advertisement. Any such activity will lead to complete termination of your account, and if we found your activity damages our system or reputation of the website will lead to a legal action if required.

We respect every user′s privacy, at 4uSofts Infomedia we don′t monitor, capture, disclose or edit any content of the user until it is necessary to do so, under following circumstances (1) required by a legal requirement or legal process (2) protect the rights or reputation of the company (3) protect the interest of users and others (4) respond to a claim by legal authorities. (5) Suspicious activities of the users which may damage the service as whole.

We provide the service for the benefit of all users to send Free SMS reminders for themselves and their known people. It`s subject to fair usage policy so that our users as a whole are not affected by the activities of few. We may block users without warning in any way whom affect the service ability to provide the quality of its network and services.
We may block users who may cause high loads and intentionally impact the service stability experienced by other users.
We may block individual users who make use of the service for spamming, illegal SMS, bulk marketing, scams, or similar schemes, being associated with, fraudulent or illegal activities.

User agrees that, either sending a reminder request to us by sms, from your mobile number or login to our web application will considered as you accept our terms and condition of use of our services. By accepting the terms and condition, you Opt-in to our service, and any sms/call sent from us will override your registration at DND/NCPR registry, further you understand that, Opt-in numbers are open to receive message 24/7. Once you opt-in for our service, from our end we will not end / terminate without explicit cancellation by you.


Use of the Services (for Service Vendors)

As a registered service vendor, all the terms and conditions of individual users is applicable on you except few deviation in the service offering. As a service vendor you can to set reminders, announcement and greetings to your customers and known people only, on the service line which is offered by your organization/you. The customers or users who receive your reminder will have the right to reject or continue with your reminder information.

You understand that, is not a marketing tool to run campaign to acquire customers for your business, but it′s a personal productivity tool which helps your customers to do a particular business transaction on time, by setting a reminder into their account, you initiate a user transaction which may be a product or service or payment towards a product or service or any physical activity. Its a tool to maintain realationship with your existing customers.

As a registered service vendor you agree and acknowledge that, setting multiple reminders on one particular event to any registered user is not acceptable, Service vendors are advised not to set more than 4 reminders to any customer for a particular event. In the event of any such claim raises against the service vendor, may lead to termination of your account and take legal action in case it′s necessary.


It′s important to understand that offers free SMS based reminder service to you and your known persons only. Marketing or spamming is strictly prohibited. We expect the user must be responsible while communicating with other members using our service. Any dispute arises may lead from termination of your account to take legal action under Information Technology Act, 2011 (Government of India) and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Act 1997 & 2011.

Refund Policy

Members have the rights to get refund (if purchased a paid service from with following terms.

1.     Refund is only applicable with-in 15 days of SMS Credit purchase. Beyond this period, Company reserves the rights to allow or deny the refund.

2.     Refund will attract a refund service fee of INR. 150/- on every refund transaction. If refund is less than the service fee, then the refund will be denied.

3.     Any refund will take minimum 10 to 15 working days to complete.

4.     Refund is not applicable for the service which is delivered / started delivery.

5.     Refund is not applicable for social pay transactions.


4uSofts Infomedia Private Limited, including its shareholders, investors,  employees and other stake holders are not liable for any damage, loss or liability of any nature happened due to the use of our services. The user agrees and acknowledges that the service from 4uSofts Infomedia is provided "AS IS" without any warranties or liabilities whatsoever.

User understands and agrees that, 4uSofts Infomedia will take all efforts and ensure that the service will be available reasonably at all time. Also the user acknowledges that the service is highly depends on so many external factors which is beyond company′s control like, SMS Carriers, Gateways, Network and many more. Users are advised to approach the service as normal internet service but not the professional advice of any category or in any form. The users are advised to take a opinion from trained professionals at the time of taking action on reminders.


If there is any conflict between this user agreement and other documents, this user agreement shall govern, whether such order or other documents is prior to or subsequent to this user agreement authorized by any individual from company.


This agreement is exclusively based on and subject to Indian law. You hereby accept to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in Bangalore, India in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of our service. Use of our service is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of these terms and conditions.

If 4uSofts Infomedia takes action by its associate companies to enforce any of the terms of this user agreement, 4uSofts Infomedia shall be entitled to recover from the user (and you are agree to pay), in addition to all sums to which it is claimed or any other relief and necessary attorney′s fees and any costs of litigation related matters & damages.

Changes to this Agreement

Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this agreement any time, by posting a revised version of the agreement here. Please review the terms and conditions periodically for changes. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you should stop using our services or stop obtain services or products from this website, further initiate a request to stop receiving services from our end.

(Revised & effective from - Dec 14, 2017)


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