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Why (Advantages)

No Tension Of Creating Them

Although we all have reminder calendar in our mobile & in our email box, we do not use it effectively, because, we are not giving importance to all matters. In, you will be receiving reminders which is mainly created by your friends and your service vendors. No tension of creating reminder by yourself. Just be in the network others will take care of you.

It's Absolutely Free

Yes, Of course. We don't charge our users like you and your service vendors for fair usage of our service. We make our money by renting out our website space & sms space to our advertisers. To continue this service, we expect you to visit our site often and spend your time in our website or use our network for setting reminders for you and your circle people.
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Never Lose Your Reminders

Today, we upgrade our mobile phones every now and then, when ever we find a reason to do so, and sometime we damage our mobile since its in use for everyday.
If something happend to your mobile, you will loose all your future reminders, and its a primary reason people don't use standard mobile application for their reminder.
Now get rid of all these problems. Regardless of your mobile change or Network change or number change, you will get your reminders intact. And surely they will follow you on specified time.
People change their mobile but not mobile numbers in majority of the cases. Even if you change your mobile number; with One request we will port all your reminders from previous mobile number to new mobile number.

Signup now, and experience as we say... "Join the doers club, discover the peace of mind".

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