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Warranty Reminders (on Products)

warranty reminder free on sms

My friend bought a new printer, after few months it start printing with little noise, My friend want to fix it, but he was busy, so he keep on post pond the printer service. One day the printer stops working, he took it to the service center, they reject the warranty claim because the warranty is expired just 2 days back.

My friend didn't noticed that the printer is going to get out of warranty coverage period in another 10 days.

A simple reminder may save him from un-necessary disappointment and spending money on the product which got problem during the warranty covered period itself.

Dont get embarrassed, Get warranty reminder for free.

Every day we buy products, which come with warranty. Until you are not keeping the warranty card safe in one palce, you can't refer it back, when you actually need it. facilities to store your warranty card details, like purchase date, & Item & warranty expiry date. Along with this, you can save bill no, customer care phone number as additional note.

When problem arises, instead of searching the bill in your wardrobe, check in your account. Even that is not required, if you have created warranty reminder for a product, until you get the reminder your product is under warranty. That's all. When the date is nearing, you will get 3 reminders one by one on different frequency. Is not easy and convenient?

Signup now, and experience as we say... "Join the doers club, discover the peace of mind".


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