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Car Service Reminder [Bike] and Emission Test Reminders

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What is your bike's next service Km?
What was the last service Date?... Fine! What is the next service date?

Who, have time to remember all these!!! Simply stick to it will take care of all the above! and do much more for you.

We all know, our bike need service in every 2500 Km once (it may vary for your bike) . In my daily routine I will reach that level in 3 to 4 Months. at the time, I may have 2 questions in my mind...
 1. What KM I have serviced my bike at last?
 2. Which date I did the service of my bike?

Without clear idea of these data, either I leave the bike at service station (May too early ) or I may keep riding, with the assumption that I have time to do the service. (It may past the next service date).
Car/Bike Reminder page will help you in setting the following reminders

 1. Service Reminders
 2. Emission Test Reminders
 3. Vehicle Insurance Renewal Reminders
 4. Fitness Certificate Reminders
 5. Other Reminder with respect to your Car/Bike.

Use to set right reminder for yourself, or ask your bike mechanic to use to set reminder to you. (Do you know, without internet and computer also your service vendor can set reminder for you.)

Now you drive your vehicle without doubt of when it requires a service. Because, will take care of it.

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